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The capabilities of a fighting AR-15 or M4 are determined in large part by the sighting system on the carbine. The warrior can choose barrel length based on the confines in which he will be working and how much ballistic reach he needs. Barrels as short as ten inches are producing sub-MOA groups and enabling unheard-of precision from such a compact assault rifle, while the 14.5-inch M4, 16-inch Recce, and 18-inch SPR have their own applications. Understanding the role in which the carbine will be employed and making the right choice of sighting system is critical.

The author engages 425-yard flash targets with a Trijicon TA11 ACOG, a compact and robust optic optimized for fast engagement of targets from 75 to about 400 yards.

With the Schmidt and Bender Short Dot's magnification set to 4x, the mil-based reticle can be used to compensate for bullet drop during fast engagements out past 400 yards.