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Kinetic Research Group's Whiskey-3 Chassis for the Tikka T3  -  The mystique and allure of long-range shooting is almost universal. The KRG W3C stock for the Tikka T3 is designed for this expanding market. This stock system gives the budget-priced T3 rifle full adjustability and many of the features sound on the expensive Sako TRG line. I reviewed the KRG W3C stock on a rifle built by Short Action Customs in .260 Remington with the Steiner Military 3-12x50mm tactical scope.   [more >>]
A Brief Introduction to High-Power Rifle Suppressors -  I have been shooting high-power bolt-action rifles at long range in competition since 2004. The same year, I had the opportunity to try a modern suppressor on a long-range rifle and there was no going back. Modern suppressors allow the use of full-power ammunition, do not reduce the muzzle velocity, do not contact the bullet during flight, and usually aid accuracy.   [more >>]
2010 Steel Safari Practical Rifle Match -  The 2010 Steel Safari can be characterized by one word: HOT. Temperatures started ramping up on Friday for the Long-Range Side Match, reaching about 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and peaked on Saturday with a high of 109. The shooting was hotter than ever too, with winning scores higher than ever before, and more shooters with high scores than every before.   [more >>]
The Hensoldt 4-16x56mm: How does it stack up? (abbreviated version) -  The latest exciting news in optics for long-range shooting is that the Carl Zeiss Optronics Hensoldt line of sniper scopes is now being imported by HuDisCo. I tested the Hensoldt 4-16x56 mm first-focal plane scope on an Accuracy International rifle chambered in 7 mm Remington Magnum. This article describes how the Hensoldt stacks up against the rest of the field of high-end scopes for practical long-range rifle shooting.   [more >>]
First Look at Trijicon's new TA11 with Green Horse-Shoe Reticle  -  I had an opportunity to take a first look at Trijicon's new TA11 with the Green Horse-Shoe reticle and here are my impressions. The biggest two changes to the TA11-GH are the new reticle design and the larger, finger-adjustable knobs. After spending some time with the TA11-GH, here's what I think: it works great, just like the original TA11. Overall, the TA11-GH has mostly good changes. The new reticle will work great at mid-range distances.   [more >>]
The State of Optics for Practical Long-Range Rifle Shooting [2009] -  Over the last five years, interest in practical long-range shooting has bloomed. This type of long-range shooting involves making first-round hits on arbitrary-distance long-range targets while moving through the field. The scope is the instrument used to specify the elevation and windage corrections that are critical to making long-range hits-- and choosing the right scope is critical. [2009 Tactical Operator magazine]   [more >>]
Colorado Multigun 2009 Steel Safari Practical Rifle Match -  The 2009 Steel Safari was a tough match with tough competition. Although there was overall a little less wind speed than in '08, the wind changes made up for it. With a few procedural tweaks to ensure fair competition and less confusion, shooters were put to an extremely tough mental, physical, and marksmanship challenge. The competitor who had the skill, preparation, and luck locked down the match title.   [more >>]
7.62x39 Ammunition: Improving the Military Standard -  It's sometimes hard to look past the most common loading to see a cartridge's full potential. The 7.62x39 mm is a good example of this phenomenon. The ubiquitous military loadings of the 7.62x39 were state of the art in the 1940's but have lackluster performance today. In this article I'll show you three strengths of the 7.62x39 which are largely ignored by its users: good performance in short-barreled rifles (SBR); the use of modern and heavy projectiles which have near ideal terminal performance; and heavy subsonic loads for suppressed use. (2009 Book of the AK-47)   [more >>]
Stag Varminter and Charles Daly Defense M-4 - Here's a look at a pair of rifles from two manufacturers who are relative newcomers to the AR-15 market: Stag Arms and Charles Daly Defense (CDD). How do these stand up against the wide array of AR-15s on the market? Let's find out. (Shotgun News)   [more >>]
2008 Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Nationals -  Once again, JJ and Denise Johnson have put on an excellent Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Nationals. RM3G is the best conventional 3-Gun match in the country due to use of geographical features in stage design, facilities, and stage difficulty. After taking over the match from prior management in 2007 and doing a great job, 2008 was their second year and they showed they can consistently administer a world-class, challenging national 3-Gun event.   [more >>]
Colorado Multigun 2008 Steel Safari Practical Rifle Match -  The 2008 Steel Safari was extra tough this year for two reasons: extreme wind and extreme heat. With more target opportunities, shooters were put to an extreme tough mental, physical, and marksmanship challenge. The competitor who had the skill, preparation, and luck locked down the match title, but all those that finished were treated to a prize table better than any prior year's match   [more >>]
The Nordic Components AR22 .22LR Trainer -  Ammunition costs have become downright painful, with no relief in sight. This hits the competition and tactical shooters particularly hard. Maintaining a high level of proficiency requires constant practice but the prospect of burning a couple hundred dollars in ammunition costs for a day training session can be prohibitive. Nordic Components came up with the idea of taking a Ruger 10/22 barreled action and wrapping it in a chassis that replicates the geometry of the AR-15 as closely as possible and accept AR-15 stocks, grips, float tubes, and optics. This idea was realized in the Nordic Components AR22 10/22 conversion kit.   [more >>]
Battle of the Budget .50 BMG Rifles -  The big .50 BMG has captured shooters' imaginations since its invention almost a hundred years ago. The last thirty years have seen the potential of the .50 BMG round wrung out by both civilian and military long-range precision shooters, and it's fair to say we're in the "golden age" for the .50 BMG. Here I look at some entry-level rifles from Watsons Weapons, Ligamec Corp, and Safety Harbor Firearms. (Pending publication in Shotgun News)   [more >>]
Evolution of the 3-Gun Practical Rifle -  The concept and execution of the practical rifle has come a long way over the last twenty-five years as old designs and prejudices gave way to new equipment and new realizations about what a carbine can accomplish. The modern 3-Gun rifle represents a format combining reliability, accuracy, and compact size which is applicable to both competition and tactical use. (2008 Book of the AR-15)   [more >>]
6.5x47 Lapua Tactical TackDriver ( Gun Of The Week) -  Shooters who compete in "practical" rifle matches have been migrating to 6.5mm calibers for several years. While "tactical" shooters can be a dogmatic bunch, practical competitors are in it to win. Lapua's newest entry to the field, the 6.5x47 Lapua, is a natural choice. With the help of, we set out to build the 6.5x47 Tactical Rifle.   [more >>]
German Sport Guns' GSG-5: A .22 MP5 -  German Sport Guns has a passion for .22 and airsoft versions of famous military and law-enforcement weapons. In cooperation with Amchar, they've brought a new rifle to the U.S.- the GSG-5, which is a .22LR version of the infamous HK MP5. I got my hands on one of the very first ones in the country. Here's a brief review of the GSG-5 after a week with the gun.   [more >>]
6.5mm Shootout: .260 Remington vs. 6.5x47 Lapua vs. 6.5 Creedmoor -  It's been a good year for 6.5 mm. The .260 Remington has hit full stride in practical long-range matches; Lapua burst on the scene with its 6.5x47, designed for 300 meter CISM competition; and Hornady developed the 6.5 Creedmoor as a turn-key solution for NRA HP Long-Range matches. How do these three mid-size 6.5 mm cartridges stack up against one another? I spent much of 2007 figuring out the answer to that question.   [more >>]
6.5 Creedmoor - .260 Done Right? -  Long-range shooters gravitate towards calibers which provide great ballistics and accuracy along with low recoil. However, to get match-winning performance, you need to reload. This presents a barrier for entry into the sport for would-be new shooters. Hornady's 6.5 Creedmoor was developed to provide a cartridge with accuracy and ballistics to be competitive at the top level of High-Power Long-Range competition using factory ammunition. (31 Mar 2008 Shotgun News)   [more >>]
The 6.5x47 Lapua Tactical Rifle -  Six point five millimeter has never been a big hit in the United States; however, this is changing as long-range shooters seek more performance with less recoil. Up until now, choices for a short-action 6.5 mm cartridge were pretty limited to .260 Remington and its wildcats like 6.5-08 Ackley. Nammo Lapua Oy, the famous Finnish component and ammunition manufacturer, recently developed the new 6.5x47 Lapua cartridge specifically for target shooting. (abbreviated version in May/June 2009 Rifle Shooter)   [more >>]
Fighting Optics - A Short Guide -  With optics ubiquitous on fighting rifles, the old rule that long barrels - with their longer sight radius - are needed for accuracy and longer-range capability is turned on its head. It's possible to get one-moa mechanical accuracy from 18, 16, 14.5, 12.5, and even 10.5-inch barrels. The role differentiation is determined by what optic is mounted on the rail. Put another way- carbine capability is determined by its sights. (Defense Review)   [more >>]
2007 Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Nationals -  The Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Nationals (RM3G), is the best conventional 3-Gun match in the country due to use of geographical features in stage design, facilities, and stage difficulty. After some management problems during the 2006 match, JJ and Denise Johnson took over for 2007, and boy did they do a great job.   [more >>]
2007 Camp Guernsey Multi-Gun Invitational Match Report -  The Invitational was an individual multi-gun match designed to test a competitor's skills shooting long-range rifle, carbine, and pistol to their effective ranges at practical targets in the natural terrain. One of our goals was to make it possible to hit every target shooting standard-issue military weapons systems, but make no mistake- this was a tough and unforgiving match.   [more >>]
The Howa Axiom Rifle -  You have to give credit to manufacturers who break out of their comfort zones and into new markets. The Howa Axiom rifle, based on their 1500 action, with a stock from Knoxx Industries is specifically designed to reduce recoil and fit different shooters, or the same shooter with or without body armor. The Burris XTR scope represents Burris' foray into the long-range tactical shooting field. Let's see how the Axiom stacks up against the field. (Shotgun News, 3 Dec 2007)   [more >>]
Blue Steel Ranch 2007 Steel Safari Practical Rifle Match -  One of the best field-style hike-and-shoot long-range rifle challenges is known only to a small number of shooters. Dave Wheeler has been running his "Steel Safari" match for about ten years on his thousand-acre private ranch in the rugged terrain near Logan NM. The format of the match boils down the essence of practical rifle shooting in the field: to locate small and medium-sized steel targets (often hidden), range and engage while "on the clock" with a challenging time limit.   [more >>]
Fighting Carbine Optics -  Carbine capability is primarily determined by the sighting system. The same weapon could be optimized for door kicking, close to mid-range engagements with target identification requirements, or can be stretched to the cartridge's ballistic limit by merely changing the optic. Type I optics cover the majority of fighting and are most effective to 200 yards; Type II optics increase engagement range and precision (DMR), and Type III optics reach to the weapon's ballistic limit (SPR). (Shotgun News, 4, Feb 2008)   [more >>]
Introduction to F-Class 1000-yard Competition -  Ask a shooter if he can hit a target a half-mile away, and he'll probably think you're joking. It's hard to even see a target at that distance. However, many F-Class competition shooters shoot 60 rounds at 1000 yards into groups the size of a pie plate on a monthly basis. In the last ten years, a new long-range division called F-Class has sprung up which lowers the cost of entry into 1000-yard competition. (Guns & Ammo, Oct 2007)   [more >>]
Introduction to High-End Long-Range Rifle Scopes ("Don't Skimp on the Scope!") -  Practical long-range rifle shooting centers around being able to make first-round hits on unknown-distance long-range targets, and has both sporting and military applications. With off-the-shelf rifles available for under a grand that will hold one-MOA groups, half the equipment problem is easily solved. The other big decision regards optics. What optics should you put on your long-range rifle? (Shotgun News, 6 Aug 2007)   [more >>]
The Case for .260 Remington: A Better Cartridge For Practical Long-Range Shooting -  The .260 Remington cartridge is gaining favor with many long-range shooters for the simple reason that it slings the long, slim, high-BC 6.5mm bullets at respectable velocity. It duplicates or beats the .300 Winchester Magnum's trajectory with less recoil than .308. (Shotgun News, 1 Oct 2007)   [more >>]
Back to Basics: The ArmaLite M15A2 Infantry Rifle -  Does the 20-inch A2 rifle have merit amid the trend of optics and shorter carbines, such as the M4 and CQBR? With one of ArmaLite's M15A2 Infantry Rifles in hand, I endeavored to find out. (2007 Book of the AR-15)   [more >>]
Military .338 Lapua Magnum Rifles: the Sako TRG-42 and the AI-AWSM -  As I shot my first rounds of .338 Lapua Magnum through Ray's TRG-42, I knew I would own a rifle in this caliber. Shooting like a laser beam to 1200 yards, "edge of target" holds for wind often hit when lesser calibers require precise windage adjustments. (2007 Combat Arms Magazine)   [more >>]
Tactical Slings -  It's been said that a handgun is merely for fighting one's way to a rifle, and just as no serious pistolero goes forth without a holster, neither should a long-gun be used without a sling of some sort. (2006 Tactical Guns & Gear Magazine)   [more >>]
Windmeters for Tactical Shooting -  At short distances, the shooter can ignore the atmosphere; the wind isn't going to blow his 9mm bullet off-target before it impacts the 10-yard target, nor will it deflect his 5.56mm bullet before it impacts a 50-yard target. For the precision long-range shooter employing a bolt-action sniper rifle, however, monitoring the wind and environment is critical to making hits. (2006 Tactical Guns & Gear Magazine)   [more >>]
Practical Long-Range Rifle Shooting, Part I - Rifle & Equipment - Practical precision rifle shooting involves engaging small and/or distant targets at the limit of weapon, ammunition, and shooter capability under time pressure in field settings. This article lays out the rifle and equipment a shooter needs to make long-range hits.   [more >>]
Practical Long-Range Rifle Shooting, Part II - Optics -  What kind of scope do you need for practical long-range rifle shooting in the field? This article discusses the desired capabilities and their tradeoffs, going into minute detail in every aspect of rifle scope selection.   [more >>]
Practical Long-Range Rifle Shooting, Part III - Shooting - You have the rifle, good optics, and all the gear. This article brings it all together by stepping through what a shooter has to do to make long-range hits in the field, starting from establishing a zero and progressing to shooter/spotter communication and wind management.   [more >>]
Practical Rifle Team Challenge 2006 -  Colorado MultiGun just concluded its first annual Practical Rifle Team Challenge (PRTC), and I am pleased that it was so successful. This was a different kind of match than what both long-range ("sniper") shooters and 3-Gunners are used to, and from the positive comments we've heard so far, I believe people will be talking about this match for a long time.   [more >>]
6.8 mm SPC Cartridge History and Development. Hornady's 6.8 SPC ammunition. The Stag Carbine. -  With the advent of 6.8 SPC, fans of the "Black Rifle" are realizing it is now in a new category-- a real game-stopper and man-stopper. The soldiers of the Special Forces and the USAMU have opened the door to revolutionary capability in the AR-15; all shooters need to do is step through and start lighting primers. Also: Hornady's 6.8mm SPC ammunition; the Stag Arms 6.8 mm SPC carbine. [The 6.8 SPC, Is it all that? [Shotgun News 60(21):4-16. July 31, 2006]   [more >>]
U.S. Optics 3.8-22x44mm SN3 compared to S&B 5-25x56mm PMII - Here's a real quick comparison of the new 5-25 S&B vs. a similar USO SN3.  [more >>]
Steel Safari 2006 - I recently shot the Steel Safari rifle match, run at a private ranch near Logan NM. This match follows the general idea of the Keneyathlon-- movement, target location, and engagement. The match format this year was two field courses, and a couple side-stages.  [more >>]
Introduction to 3Gun & Multigun - Here are some match reports from "Major" or National-level 3Gun matches in the last few years. They give a good indication what 3Gun competition is about.  [more >>]
Cavalry Arms 3Gun Match 2005 -  Cavalry Arms put on a great 3Gun match in Waco TX this year. Pretty much all the problems from the match's first year (2004) were addressed. This year we had good stages, good organization, fair and clear scoring, and good weather.   [more >>]
Tactical Response: Force on Force Primer & Scenarios -  Tactical Response had two Force-on-Force (FOF) classes back to back Mon-Wed, just after their Tactical Carbine class Sat-Sun. The two FOF classes were "Force on Force Primer" and "Force on Force Scenarios". The "Primer" was one day, half covering a lot of the classroom material from the Tac Pistol class, and half being three or four short scenarios acted out FOF with the marker pistols. The markers were UTM-converted Glock 17's.  [more >>]
Tactical Response: Tactical Rifle -  Tactical Response had two days of Tactical Rifle training Sat-Sun in Pueblo CO. This class was designed to be an introduction to fighting with a carbine and pistol as backup. Much like the Tac Pistol class, we started with close-range drills to get the fundamentals down, including stance, sight picture, close-range trajectory, pistol technique, carbine to pistol transitions, and the different types of reloads for the rifle-- speed, tactical, and emergency.   [more >>]
Rocky Mountain 3Gun 2005 -  I arrived at the NRA WC about 1.30pm Wed and checked in. The overall format was virtually identical to the 2004 match: 8 stages, three shot each of Thursday and Friday, two and the team shoot on Saturday. The machinegun side-match run by Alan Samuel's, and the long-range rifle side-match run by Mike Kolar of the Sporting Rifle Match  [more >>]
International Tactical Rifleman Championships 2005 -  The D&L Sports International Tactical Rifleman Championships (ITRC) is a "3 Gun" match unlike conventional 3Gun matches. This match has field courses from 1 to 2.5 miles long which must be finished in times from 45 minutes to two hours by teams of two: a bolt rifle shooter, and a carbine shooter.  [more >>]
TacPro Sniper Tournament 2005 - The 2005 TacPro Sniper Tournament took place on Sat-Sun Jun 25-26 at the TacPro training center between Mingus and Stephenville TX. Many people know of TacPro as the best Accuracy International dealer in the country.  [more >>]
MGM Ironman 3Gun 2005 - The MGM Ironman 3Gun match is run by MGM Targets (Mike Gibson Manufacturing) and Mike is the match director. It is held annually at the Parma Sportsmans Club near Parma, Idaho. The match is best known for its very high round count and use of the different MGM target types.   [more >>]
Snipers Paradise Sniper Challenge West 2005 - Here are some pictures I took at the Sniper Challenge match last weekend in SLC. This was at the F.A.R.M. training center SW of SLC. Dave Bohdie (sp) was the match director.  [more >>]
International Tactical Rifleman Championships 2004 - The D&L Sports International Tactical Rifleman Championships (ITRC) is a "3 Gun" match unlike conventional 3Gun matches. This match has field courses from 1 to 2.5 miles long which must be finished in times from 45 minutes to two hours by teams of two: a bolt rifle shooter, and a carbine shooter.  [more >>]
Rocky Mountain 3Gun 2004 -  I arrived at the NRA Whittington Center at about 2pm on Wednesday and checked in. Raton has had much much more precipitation this year than recent years, so the whole environment was transformed by the flora compared to last year.  [more >>]
6.8 SPC FAQ - This document is meant to answer the most common questions about 6.8SPC in AR15 rifles. I'm one of the early "regular guy" adopters of this caliber- I've had my 6.8SPC AR15 upper since March 26th 2004.   [more >>]
6.8 SPC Load Data - The following loads were developed basically from scratch. The results are repeatable in my 6.8SPC upper. I have no direct way to measure pressure, so I am limited to examining brass and primer condition, observing the operation of the AR15 action, and simulating the internal ballistics using numerical methods.  [more >>]
Superstition Mountain 3Gun 2004 -  I shot the SMM3G match for the first time last week. It was my second large match after shooting RM3G in Raton last summer. Skipping over all the overhead info you can get from // , here's my perspective of the match.  [more >>]
Rocky Mountain 3Gun 2003 -  The RM3GM took place at the NRA Whittington Center near Raton, NM. The Whittington Center is on land sold to the NRA by some large mining/steel company in the 1970's. The 31,000 acres that makes up the W.C. includes a canyon that was mined for coal starting in 1902, and surrounding area.  [more >>]
Article titles without links to content are still pending publication.
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