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Kinetic Research Group's Whiskey-3 Chassis for the Tikka T3  -  The mystique and allure of long-range shooting is almost universal. The KRG W3C stock for the Tikka T3 is designed for this expanding market. This stock system gives the budget-priced T3 rifle full adjustability and many of the features sound on the expensive Sako TRG line. I reviewed the KRG W3C stock on a rifle built by Short Action Customs in .260 Remington with the Steiner Military 3-12x50mm tactical scope.   [more >>]
A Brief Introduction to High-Power Rifle Suppressors -  I have been shooting high-power bolt-action rifles at long range in competition since 2004. The same year, I had the opportunity to try a modern suppressor on a long-range rifle and there was no going back. Modern suppressors allow the use of full-power ammunition, do not reduce the muzzle velocity, do not contact the bullet during flight, and usually aid accuracy.   [more >>]
2010 Steel Safari Practical Rifle Match -  The 2010 Steel Safari can be characterized by one word: HOT. Temperatures started ramping up on Friday for the Long-Range Side Match, reaching about 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and peaked on Saturday with a high of 109. The shooting was hotter than ever too, with winning scores higher than ever before, and more shooters with high scores than every before.   [more >>]
The Hensoldt 4-16x56mm: How does it stack up? (abbreviated version) -  The latest exciting news in optics for long-range shooting is that the Carl Zeiss Optronics Hensoldt line of sniper scopes is now being imported by HuDisCo. I tested the Hensoldt 4-16x56 mm first-focal plane scope on an Accuracy International rifle chambered in 7 mm Remington Magnum. This article describes how the Hensoldt stacks up against the rest of the field of high-end scopes for practical long-range rifle shooting.   [more >>]
First Look at Trijicon's new TA11 with Green Horse-Shoe Reticle  -  I had an opportunity to take a first look at Trijicon's new TA11 with the Green Horse-Shoe reticle and here are my impressions. The biggest two changes to the TA11-GH are the new reticle design and the larger, finger-adjustable knobs. After spending some time with the TA11-GH, here's what I think: it works great, just like the original TA11. Overall, the TA11-GH has mostly good changes. The new reticle will work great at mid-range distances.   [more >>]
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