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The GSG-5 shot groups just over 1.1 inches at 25 yards, which is about 4.3 MOA.
Accuracy testing was done at 25 yards using the smallest rear aperture. My shooting partner Ray Sanchez shot a series ten-shot groups with different ammunition including Super-X, 32gr Stinger, Winchester Power-Point, American Eagle, solids, and CCI Stinger. The accuracy was pretty consistent, with most groups right around 1.10 inches, or 4.3 MOA at that distance. Based on these results, the CCI Stinger showed the best accuracy. We felt that the sights were the main impediment to improved accuracy.

Title II Conversions
The GSG-5 would be a lot more handy with 8-inch barrel, but we're stuck with a 16-inch limit due to the National Firearms Act. The GSG-5 is going to be a popular platform for running a suppressor and converting to an Short Barreled Rifle (SBR). With a $200 tax stamp and a Form 1, residents of most states can cut the GSG-5 barrel down to just past the front sight base and then screw on their real .22LR suppressor for a compact and proper suppressor setup. For those that don't want to SBR the rifle, a regular muzzle suppressor can be used.

Gemtech is offering several suppressor solutions designed specifically for the GSG-5 simultaneously with the rifle's introduction in the US. Photo courtesy Gemtech.
Suppressing the GSG-5
Gemtech already has two silencer setups for the GSG-5. The first is an adapter for an SBR'd GSG-5, which allows any 1/2-28 threaded suppressor to fit on the rifle. When the SBR conversion is done, the barrel is not threaded; it is simply shortened and the adapter squares to the face of the barrel. In addition, a Gemtech 3-lug adapter will screw onto the 1/2-28 threads, which will give an appearance virtually identical to an MP5 with its 3-lug mount. A 3-lug suppressor such as the Raptor may be used, although its 9 mm silencer bore will be a little louder on the .22. These SBR plus silencer combinations will require two tax stamps ($400 total).

The second Gemtech offering is a suppressor permanently mounted to a shortened barrel, to keep the overall length at 16 inches. This combination will only require one tax stamp, but Gemtech will do the conversion. The baffle core is permanently attached to the shortened barrel. Externally, this will look very much like the classic Raptor 3-lug quick-disconnect suppressor, although it will not detach. Gemtech is also planning to sell GSG-5 rifles with the modification already done, for simplicity.

Is the GSG-5 anything other than a plinker? For shooters who need to use an MP5 "for work", the GSG-5 may be a viable training platform since the controls are identical. In addition, a suppressed GSG-5 may have some law-enforcement applications.

According to Tony at Amchar, the first shipment to the U.S. will contain 1320 rifles and should be heading out to dealers around the country and the end of February 2008. GSG's production plans for 2008 include 10,000 GSG-5s.

At a suggested retail price of $499, I think the GSG-5 is going to be a big success in the US. It looks cool and runs well. It's a fun little gun!

Additional Detail Photos

The fake suppressor fits over the 16-inch barrel and screws directly into the fore-end.

The plastic butt-stock slides off the receiver when the pin is removed.