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Overall, the Hensoldt 4-16x56 mm is an excellent scope. It packs very impressive optical capability in a very compact format - it is smaller than most scopes it competes against. Its image edge clarity and linearity over the magnification range is unmatched by any of the scopes I tested it against. However, the Hensoldt is not without criticism: it lacks a true zero stop and older shooters tended to have a problem with the very fine clicks and hash marks on the elevation knob. The reticle choices in the Hensoldt are also limited to the basic mil-dot. Many shooters now prefer mil-based reticles with finer lines and one-half mil features, such as the S&B P4-Fine or the Premier Reticles Gen-II XR reticles. Market pricing for the Hensoldt 4-16x56 mm is currently about $3460: 6% more expensive than a comparable S&B PMII, 38% more expensive than the Premier Heritage 3-15x50 mm.

# 1. One criticism of the Hensoldt was that the knob clicks are very close together and the hash marks can be hard to read.

# 2. Shane Coppinger had to borrow the author's AI the morning of a match - with only a few rounds to familiarize himself with the rifle and scope, he placed fourth, tagging targets out to 875 yards.

# 3. The Hensoldt 4-16x56 mm brings together most of the features that define a best-class scope for practical long-range shooting.