Long-range rifle training.
1000 yards and beyond.
Real field shooting:
real applications
military, sporting, hunting.
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Stage 6. "Pitch Black". Shotgun. You start in a ravine, at the entrance to an artificial cave. Upon the start signal, you engage two poppers at about 30-40 yards with slugs. Then you grab a flashlight (it was the "SureFire" stage) and enter the artificial cave. It's dark and small. You locate and shoot four clays. Then you exit the cave and climb out of the ravine. There are four clays along the right hand side down the little valley. There are three plates on the left-hand side at about 25 yards, and then two more plates on the right, and then two more on the far left. Finally, after proceeding about 30y down a path shooting those targest, you get to the end, where you shoot four silhouette plates over a hill and the two plates "hidden" on the far right. A total of 22 shotshells and 2 slugs.

I shot this stage fairly well, but a bit slow in 83.35 seconds. I fumbled a bit with the flashlight while shooting in the cave, and had to re-shoot one clay inside the cave a few times because it wasn't disintegrating.

Stage 7. "Sarajevo Point Blank." Rifle. In this stage, you ran through the foundation of an old building (real! concrete and all) and engage a whole bunch of paper targets and one steel. You start in a "basement" kneeling, on the buzzer, you engage the two targets at the top of the pit. Then you run up out of the pit to the left (still within the walls of the old buiding!) and basically engage paper as they become visible. When you get to the far left-hand side of the building (about 30 yards), you engage the final paper through an old window and then shoot a stop plate at 130 yards. I had a good plan for this stage. I shot the two first (you had to), then ran out of the pit. Then I engaged the four visible targets from 20-40 yards in about a 70 degree arc. Then I ran the entire 20yards to the entrance to the last room and did a mag change along the way. I turned around and shot the three now-visible targets. Upon entering the last room, one was shot point-blank (2 yards) and then I finished up at the port. The TA11 ACOG worked wonderfully on this stage and I got a pretty fast time of 48.50 seconds. The trick was having a good plan, shooting to it, and not re-shooting targets: your plan has to only shoot each twice. This was a total of 15 paper targets and one plate, for 31 rounds.

Stage 8. "Alien Bug Hunt." Shotgun and pistol. This stage was a path along a riverbed which had 10 clays hidden, and 8 plates, some hidden. It finished up with 11 paper targets. Upon the start, you engaged a steel and the ran up a small hill and ducked under a 2' tall obstacle, and then finished shooting the stage, My run was decent, though I ran my shotgun dry one shot too soon, and lost a few seconds on a load. My pistol run went well, but I got out of sequence due to a fumbled mag change. time: 76.75 seconds.

Stage 1. "Fossil Canyon." Shotgun. This was the mother of all shotgun stages. You start off with two 50? yard slug shots. Then you engage five silhouette steel on the way to a wall with four ports in it. Beyond the wall at 10 yards is an array of 12 "shoot" steels and five "no shoot" steel which block some of the shoot targets from different angles. Each no-shoot popper was a 10-second penalty if you made it fall. This was actually not that tough, but you did have to reload. Finally, you finished up my running up a canyon and locating and shooting 10 clays. Lots of shooting and reloading. My time was 98.76.


Stage 2. "Flare Out." all 3 weapons. You shoot this stage from the inside of a very small helicopter. On each side was: 1 rifle plate at 120 yards, 8 paper targets, and 5 steel. (so double that for the other side) The rifle plates at 120y had to be hit with the rifle. The rest of the steel with shotgun, and the paper with rifle or pistol. Rifle was limited to 20 rounds. This one was challenging because of the choice of "what targets to shoot with which gun." The rules for this match specify that a single "A" hit or two B/C/D hits "neutralizes" a target, otherwise you get a penalty. So I went for the strategy of: 1. shooting one far plate, 2. shoot the paper on that side with one shot per, with rifle, 3/4. repeat for other side. 5. pull shotgun and shoot one side, load 3/4 and then shoot the other side.

This was an okay plan but I took too much time aiming to get the "A" hits. I got them all except I had one "C" which added 5 seconds to my time.

A better strategy would have been to shoot both steel, then double-tap one side's paper with the rifle at warp speed, then pull the shotgun on that side, then switch, then finally pull pistol and blast the remaining paper on the other side. Oh well. My time was 89.36