Long-range rifle training.
1000 yards and beyond.
Real field shooting:
real applications
military, sporting, hunting.
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Stage 3: Pistol & Shotgun

The start position was seated uprange on a "toilet" with a roll of TP in your hands. There were 9 pistol targets to be engaged going up the hill until you reached your shotgun. There, you picked up a backpack, grabbed your shotgun, and finished going up the hill engaging 18 shotgun targets along the way. My time was 77.03 clean.





Stage 4: Rifle


Stage 4 was the medium-range rifle stage with targets out to 190 yards. There were four flash targets visible from each of the five positions, for a total of 20 targets. Each position could be shot prone with some support (rock or sandbags), and the first position could also be shot from tree limbs. There was a total of 40-60 yards of running between the positions. My time was 121.35 clean.