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The Vickers two-point sling provides good weapon control when the shooter's hands are occupied with other tasks.
Which sling is right for you? For patrol or where maximum weapon control is needed, the three-point sling is the best choice. When weapon control is needed but there may be an issue with the sling getting tangled in gear, one of the modified two-point slings is the best choice. If maximum weapon mobility is required or a plate-carrier or load-bearing vest is being used, the single-point sling is the best choice, though the trade-off is less weapon control when slung.

My favorite three-point sling is the Specter Gear SOP. Its wide body loop distributes weapon weight comfortably and the cross-shoulder buckle is easily adjusted with one hand. The Blue Force Gear Vickers Combat Applications Sling is the best two-point sling going. The single-point slings reviewed here all worked well, but the bungee loop in the Blackhawk ZM provided some additional weapon mobility.

Manufacturer Model Type Quick Release Special Features Price*
Specter Gear Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Sling three-point optional $34.45
Special Operations Patrol Sling three-point optional 1.5" wide strap, shoulder transition release buckle, offset mount loops $39.25
Cross Shoulder Transition Sling three-point optional shoulder transition release buckle $36.75
MOUT Sling single-point yes $23.50
The Wilderness Giles Tactical Rifle Sling three-point optional $49.95
Single-Point single-point optional $25.00
Troy Industrires CQB One-Point Sling single-point yes $34.00
Blackhawk ZM Single Point Sling single-point yes snap-hook to receiver mount, partial bungee loop for flexibility $65.95
Swift Sling three-point yes shoulder transition release buckle $39.95
SPEC-OPS Brand MAMBA Sling three-point yes partial bungee loop $49.95
Master Blaster two-point yes partial bungee loop, length adjustement $29.95
Viking Tactics VTAC sling two-point no adjust length on the fly $34.95
Blue Force Gear Vickers Combat Applications Sling two-point yes adjust length on the fly $49.95
* Slings priced for M16A2 model.

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Specter Gear

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