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Comments from Competitor Ray Sanchez
Once again the CMG crew put on a kick ass event. It's hard to explain how great of a match this is. Everyone out there with a custom bolt gun sitting in the safe all nice and new needs to get out and shoot this course to get some character marks on your weapon. I guess the thing I like most about this match is that it has nothing to do with small groups. It's a put up or shut up type match, you either hit the target or you miss it. There are no follow up shots so you gotta make the first one count and you have to do it 6 times in five minutes. As far as shooting positions, well those aren't a gimme either. I had to shoot off sticks, rocks, trees, fences and a jeep that was rocking in the 20mph plus winds, targets at 300 yards were never so hard.

Ray engages a long, 6-target stage on the South course.
Some of the stages you have to find, range and engage 6 targets from one shooting position other stages you find range and engage 3 targets then you have to get over to another shooting position and reengage each target again. I don't know how but it seems like the dam targets relocate when you do. Another great thing about this match is that you will find out what gear works and what gear doesn't. No need for gadgets and gizmos just a good dope card, a good repeatable scope and a decently accurate rig. When you have to hump all your gear around in 95 degree weather for 5 hours with sand and fine dust everywhere you'll learn fast what works, what brakes , what is really needed and what is just extra weight. Every time I make it down to shoot this place I leave a bit humbled and a better shooter, this years match was no exception. I'll be back next year

The following sponsors made the match possible. Please give them your support and a note of thanks.
        Thunder Beast Arms Corporation         TAC PRO Shooting Center         John Dustin
Nightforce         U.S. Optics         CS Gunworks (Mike Cecil)         Sierra Bullets
Lapua         Big American Man - Ray Sanchez

The geographical features available to shoot from at the Steel Safari can be breathtaking. Shooter Austin Angus engages targets from a cliff face.


1. Ray Sanchez 86 (in shootoff)
2. Jon Beanland 86
3. Mike Dowd 85
4. George Delena 83
5. Jimmy Holdsworth 75
6. Shane Coppinger 73
7. Brian Jordan 72 (HIGH 308)
8. Bran Roberts 70
9. Bill Zollinger 66
10. Mike Luckett 65 
11. Jerry Newman 65 
12. Tom Phillips 65 
13. Ryan Hager 62
14. Garth Reader 60
15. Lonnie Devine 56
16. Jim Brown 55
17. Austin Angus 54 
18. Stan Sanchez 54 
19. Mike Cecil 52 
20. Bob Shigemura 52 
21. John Sternberg 52
22. John Dustin 51
23. Steve Mann 49
24. Jim Jensen 48
25. Tom Ross 47
26. RJ Dussart 42
27. Shane McAlary 37
28. Bruce Burnham 36
29. Jason Hicks 34
30. Chuck Ward 21
31. Bob Anton 15

1. Ray Sanchez 103
2. Chuck Ward 95
3. Tom Ross 85
4. Mike Luckett 78
5. Ryan Hager 78
6. Shane Coppinger 77
7. Bran Roberts 69
8. Jerry Newman 67
9. Tom Phillips 65
10. Jon Beanland 65
11. George Delena 63
12. Bob Anton 56
13. Jimmy Holdsworth 56
14. Stan Sanchez 56
15. Lonnie Devine 49
16. Jim Jensen 49
17. RJ Dussart 48
18. Austin Angus 44
19. Jim P. Brown 43
20. Bill Zollinger 40
21. Garth Reader 40
22. Brian Jordan 32
23. Mike Cecil 30
24. Bruce Burnham 25
25. John Sternberg 24
26. Steve Mann 20
27. John Dustin 13