Long-range rifle training.
1000 yards and beyond.
Real field shooting:
real applications
military, sporting, hunting.
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A S&B 3-12x50mm PMII on an AI-AW chambered in .260 Remington is an ideal setup for practical long-range rifle shooting.
After iterating through at least ten of these rifle scopes to figure out what worked best for me, I ended up with three S&B PMIIs. On my .260 Remington and .308 Accuracy International AW rifles, I run the 3-12x50 mm; on my .338 Lapua Magnum, I run the 5-25x56 mm. All have the double-turn elevation knob and feature 0.1-mil clicks, and all have the P4-Fine reticle, which is thin enough to obtain a sight picture on an IPSC target's head (6x6 inches) at 1000-yards. The P4-Fine reticle has hash marks every half mil, which means I can interchange dialing and holding off for elevation and windage easily. The double-turn elevation knob is easy to read and operate; it turns clockwise for "up" - opposite Leupold, Nightforce, and USO - which is more intuitive since the numbers increase left to right, just like we read. The 3-12x50's clarity along with the P4-Fine's simplicity allow good sight pictures on targets out to 1200 yards, and its compact size is a good fit to the short-action rifles. The extra magnification of the 5-25x56 mm is helpful on ultra-long-range targets with the 338 Lapua.

Practical long-range rifle shooting wrings out the rifle to its effective distance and the shooter's ability to make first-round hits in the field. Rifle optics are key to making it happen. While a top-end scope will be a joy to shoot and will be a more effective tool than one you have to compromise on, remember that making hits is about skill and practice, not gimmicks and gear. Now get out there and ring some steel!

Don't get too caught up in equipment; there is no substitute for practice. A skilled shooter who knows his data and rifle will win the day.