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The Steiner 3-12x50 mm Mil-dot scope provides a great set of features for practical shooting: many-click elevation knob, mrad adjustments, and first focal-plane reticle.
With these rifle setup problems, they stand almost no chance of spotting their own hits and misses, parallax error becomes an issue due to inconsistent eye position, and their accuracy suffers because the position requires muscle stress and lacks repeatability.

KRG's W3C stock is modular and accepts most TRG accessories. Although the stock does not have conventional "bottom metal" like a Remington stock, it does incorporate the AICS magazine system, which is the most proven after-market detachable box magazine system available for most bolt rifles. The double-stack single-feed AICS magazines are designed for .308, but can be made to work with cartridges up to .300 WSM. A folding version of the W3C should be available shortly following the regular fixed version.

Justin lent me one of his demo rifles to test out the W3C stock. This rifle was a stock T3 that had been sent to Mark Gordon (Short Action Customs) to be outfitted with a .260 Remington barrel. Why .260? Easy- it has become the standard cartridge for practical long-range target shooting. The .260 brings together long-range wind and drop numbers that rival or beat .300 Win Mag while burning about half the powder. It is significantly more "shootable" (a term I use to describe how easy it is to continue to accurately shoot a rifle") than .308, and much more economical than the magnum cartridges that compete with it for ballistics. I have been competing with .260 Remington since 2006; my first major match using the cartridge was the 2006 Steel Safari which I won (overall) with an AI-AW with a .260 barrel. Mark fitted a 25-inch .260 barrel with a medium Palma-style contour and threaded the muzzle with standard 5/8-24 threads. Justin threw the action into one of his W3C stocks and handed the rifle over.

The W3C's stock and comb adjusters are visible in this photo. Production versions of the stock will have slight changes to the mechanics.