Long-range rifle training.
1000 yards and beyond.
Real field shooting:
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Stage 5. Pistol, Rifle. Engage seven close-range pistol targets while retreating to the staged rifle. From each of three boulders, engage four medium-range rifle targets (100-200 yards). Most people took the time to make sure they got good hits on the pistol targets, and then concentrated on making their rifle hits without wasting many rounds. A lot of time could be wasted with misses on the rifle targets.

Stage 6. Shotgun, Rifle. Start with a jungle run with 16 clays and three select slug shots (30-70 yards) covering about 60 yards. Next, ground the shotgun, run up the hill to retrieve the rifle and engage three medium-range rifle targets (100-200 yards) from each of three positions. This stage involved some shotgun planning, along with the complexity of select-loading three slugs. After a run up the final steep hill, which was challenging for shooters used to lower altitudes, the medium-range rifle targets provided yet anther an opportunity to waste time missing rifle targets.

Stage 7. Shotgun, Pistol. Starting with two medium-range slug shots on small but heavy plates (30-50 yards), proceed up the jungle run for about 40 yards engaging 18 clays, then finish off with several IPSC paper targets and a Texas Star for pistol. This was another tricky shotgun stage due to the need to shoot and load on the move, while not forgetting some of the bird placements. Many shooters' plans got screwed up from the start with misses on the slug plates.

Stage 8. Rifle, Pistol. From the start position and two additional shoot positions, engage three medium-range rifle targets (120-150 yards), while engaging about 18 close-range paper targets along the way. Then ground rifle, and engage a series of paper targets as visible, then finish with a stop plate. Total movement about 60 yards. This stage was pretty straightforward, but gave the shooter ample opportunity to waste time on rifle misses.

Getting the impression this was a rifle-intensive match? While only two stages (#2 and #3) had long-range rifle shots (for 3-Gun anyway), medium-range rifle targets were pervasive throughout four of the other remaining six stages. It definitely paid off to bring a rifle with a solid zero. While many matches may treat the rifle as nothing more than a "big pistol" with close and medium range engagements at technically easy targets, the 2007 RM3G fully employed the rifle to its practical effective range. Those shooters who brought the skills to take advantage of the long-gun reaped rewards at this match.