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My 3-Gun gear has been pretty static for a few years. I shot in Tactical-Optics which the most popular division, and the one where I usually shoot. Since there is no power factor for pistol besides a 9x19 minimum caliber requirement, I shot my Benny Hill SV in 9x19, from a Blade-Tech belt holster and used two Comp-Tac mag pouches. My Benelli M1S90 Tactical also hasn't changed since I bought it in 2003. I shot IC choke at this match. I recently started using the Progressive Machine six-round shot-shell belt carriers, which work well, in addition to a 3GunGear bandoleer when I need more than 28 rounds. My rifle setup was mixed up a little bit compared to my normal gear due to last-minute changes. Since they were nice enough to give me a sponsor slot, I shot my Cavalry Arms MKII lower, the same setup I started using at the 2005 Tiger Valley 3-Gun Match (Trooper Class) and the 2005 MGM Ironman (Trooper Class). Due to a last minute barrel issue with my normal 3-Gun upper, fellow 3Gunner Jimmy Holdsworth loaned me his 18-inch upper, which uses a DPMS barrel inside the PRI float tube, and a Miculek brake. I threw on one of my TA11 ACOGs and called it good. For AR mag pouches, I now use the Blade-Tech molded Kydex holders. All my pouches and holders have the Tech-Lok attachment, which greatly simplifies belt setup.

Take a look at the full match results (here). In Tactical, the US Army Shooters Daniel Horner (T/O) and Robby Johnson (T/I) dominated. Looking at the stage points, it's clear that stage scores fell away from 100% very quickly, with very, very few shooters keeping the stage leaders in sight. At only 4th place Tactical, you're already seeing stage scores under 70%, which attests to state difficulty. At 10th place, stage scores around 50% are already showing up. Tate Moots took Heman-Scoped, while Kuan Watson took Heman-Iron. Don Bednorz took Open.

My realistic best-case scenario going into this match was a top-10 finish, and I just eeked in at 9th place Tactical. While the majority of my stages were so/so, and I know I could have shot them faster, I rocked stage five about 3.5 seconds behind Tony Holmes, and I shot stage 3 in 58 seconds (after the 30 second bonus), about 8 seconds behind Ty Gentry.

The prize table was excellent as usual. For a match with about 200 shooters, and 127 in Tactical, there were over 15 guns on the Tactical prize table, including 2 full-house JP rifles, seven complete Sabre Defence rifles, three uppers, at least five Springfield XD pistols, a 1911, and two Glock certificates.

In the five years since my first match (RM3G 2003), I've shot major matches all over the country. I can say, with confidence, that the Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Nationals at the NRAWC in Raton is the best conventional 3-Gun match in the country. If you can make only one big match a year, make it this one!

2007 Photo Album HERE.