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My 3-Gun gear setup this year was virtually identical to last year, with the exception that I'm running a new MSTN rifle. The old tan 17" MSTN upper had been going strong for three years, and even though it's stll working great, I at least wanted a "back up" rifle. The new 17" upper has the new bore coating for long life, and is using barrel from Noveske instead of Krieger.

The only change I made to my 3-Gun gear was to substitute a newly-built rifle (bottom), identical to my old MSTN upper (top).

I shot Tactical Optics. Since there is no power factor for pistol besides a 9x19 minimum caliber requirement, I shot my Benny Hill SV in 9x19, from a Blade-Tech belt holster and used two Comp-Tac mag pouches. My Benelli M1S90 Tactical also hasn't changed since I bought it in 2003. I shot IC choke at this match. I used the Progressive Machine six-round shot-shell belt carriers, which work well, in addition to a 3GunGear bandoleer when I need more than 28 rounds. I used the new 17" MSTN Comp-Tac upper. I threw on one of my TA11 ACOGs and called it good. For AR mag pouches, I now use the Blade-Tech molded Kydex holders. All my pouches and holders have the Tech-Lok attachment, which greatly simplifies belt setup.

Take a look at the full match results (here). In Tactical, the US Army Shooters Daniel Horner (T/O) and Robby Johnson (T/I) dominated. Looking at the stage points, it's clear that stage scores fell away from 100% very quickly, with very, very few shooters keeping the stage leaders in sight. At only 4th place Tactical, you're already seeing stage scores under 50%, which attests to stage difficulty. Tate Moots took Heman-Scoped, while Kuan Watson took Heman-Iron. Matt Burkett took Open.

Last year I made top 10, with a ninth place finish in Tactical. In 2007, Tac-Scoped and Tac-Iron divisions had combined scoring. Due to feedback, the Johnsons changed this for '08 and had completely separate scoring for T-I, T-S, H-I, and H-S. I was feeling kind of ill with some sort of flu and was "off" during the match, but managed a performance that was mediocre for my abilities; however, it was consistent and this gave me an 8th place finish in Tactical Scoped.

My friends surprised me with "TEAM ZAK - OBEY" t-shirts at the shooters' dinner.

TEAM ZAK: "I've no patience for internet dirt shooters."

The prize table was excellent as usual, with tons of guns, uppers, and other high-dollar items. Its was also deep, with somethig for everyone.

In the six years since my first match (RM3G 2003), I've shot major matches all over the country. I can say, with confidence, that the Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Nationals at the NRAWC in Raton is the best conventional 3-Gun match in the country. If you can make only one big match a year, make it this one!

2008 Photo Album HERE.