Long-range rifle training.
1000 yards and beyond.
Real field shooting:
real applications
military, sporting, hunting.
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Each field course was about 3.3 miles in length, with ten shoot stations spread out. Water and exertion management was a big part of this match. Make sure to follow the path!
The most popular rifle/action make was Surgeon (28%), followed by Remington (22%), then Accuracy International and Stiller (11% each), then Savage (8%), Big Horn Arms (6%), and one each of Barrett, Borden, DTA, GAP Templar, and Howa. The 6.5mm caliber totally dominated with 39% of all rifles; 6mm was next with 28%, then .30 (22%), and then 7 mm (11%). Specific cartridges: .260 Remington (25%), .308 Winchester (17%), 6.5x47 Lapua (11%), 6% for each of 6XC, 7m WSM, 7mm RSAUM, .260AI, and then 3% each for .300 WM, 6mm-250, .30-06, 6.5-284, 6 Dasher, .243 Winchester, and 6CM/243.

Scopes: Nightforce (28%), US Optics (25%), Schmidt & Bender (17%), followed by Leupold (14%), Vortex (6%), and 3% each for Hensoldt, Burris, Pentax, and Premier. Laser range-finders were dominated by Leica (50%), followed by Swarovski (19%), Zeiss (17%), Vector (8%), and 3% each Leupold and Newcon. Bipods were dominated by Harris (78%), followed by Atlas, AI, Caldwell, and Sinclair.

Hodgdon powders totally dominated (80%) with Alliant second (20%). Of the Hodgdon powders, H4350, H4831SC, and Varget were the most popular, while RL17 was the most popular Alliant powder by far. The largest powder trend year over year is that RL17 has displaced the use of H4350 and H4831SC.

Bullets: Sierra (31%), Berger and Lapua both (25%), and 11% used the DTAC in 6mm. Winchester and Lapua cases dominated with 33% each, followed by Remington (16%), and then Black Hills, Norma, and Lake City (3%). Only two shooters used factory ammunition: one was FGMM and the other was M118LR, both in .308.

Stages with only three targets required the shooter to move to a second position to re-engage the targets. Jimmy Holdsworth hauls ass to the retrieve his shooting stick which were left at the first position.

This year's match was an overall success. Although heat and rifle problems caused four shooters to drop out, nobody was hurt and shooters posted the highest scores in Steel Safari history. There is high demand for this match and I would like to get in 45-60 shooters, but that is impossible with a major change to the format. I thank the competitors, Dave and Lorraine Wheeler, Mike Kolar, Michael Field, Chuck Ward, John Sternberg, and all the sponsors for making this a great match. Stay tuned for 2011 news!

Cody Carroll used this 20" DTA SRS in .308 with a Thunder Beast Arms suppressor to place an impressive 5th place, even with handicapped ballistics.