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March 10, 1997

For those of you that don't know, there exists an Anti-AHS page. (The link is now obsolete. Zak Dec-6-1999) On March 7, staff members of AHS contacted members of my family about the web page copyrighted by my brother Abe -- currently a sophomore at AHS -- because someone (anonymous) was concerned about what might be put on the page.

Is AHS trying to censor one of its students from exercising his right to free speech in a public medium? AHS has no justification for censoring him -- he is not using their equipment, nor is he an official spokesperson for AHS -- he has not slandered anyone, and he did not misuse copyrighted material.

What message are they trying to teach the students? Is is better to have a docile public, or one with formed opinions, and arguments to back them up.

They have said things like "someone could get hurt." They meant that perhaps someone might write an editorial about someone's behavior. Maybe they are not aware that it is common for students at universities to public booklets which contain student ratings of teachers (UW-Madison for example).

It is actually the students who are getting "hurt" because of the control that the administration must have over them.

- Zak

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