Farmer with Pitchfork and Wife: dialogue II high-school
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Farmer and Wife II

"Gee, that was a pretty big frog we saw last night," Martha muttered half-heartedly.

Then Bud replied, "Yuuup, it sure was. Musta eaten twenty 'r thirty chickens last night."

"Probly' go for the cows next," responded Martha.

"I," grunted Bud," guess I better put them in the barn and see if I can find them old braces for the door."

"Don't botha' lookin fer them, they're all fulla' dryrot," squeeled Martha.

"I hear," mumbled Bud," they're a havin' a real problem up in Terrebonne County."

Then Martha inquired,"Aren't they havin' to go afta them with hay-bailers?"

"Think so. I never thought they would have to go that far," stated Bud

"'Heard in Opelousas,"murmured Martha,"that a couple was killed while out on a picnic. Those ho'ible critters just came up, mangled them, and then dragged them away."

At last Bud uttered,"Sure hope them neighbor folk keep them youngins in. Them dang frogs are everywhere."

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