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Paper: McCarthyism high-school
topic: US History
The causes of McCarthyism reach back to the early 1900's with the first Red Scare. Other causes include the Russian expansion after World War II, the Truman doctrine and Marshall plan, the Berlin Blockade and creation of NATO, the loss of the China Hands and the "fall" of China, the Atomic Spy cases, the police action in Korea, the Truman loyalty oaths, and the McCarran Act. These factors contributed to the public fear of communist expansion. There was, however, another important pre-condition; there had been nearly 20 years of progressivism and the public was tired of it, they could not keep up with the changes. The common men who were down and out in the 30's would tolerate the changes because they wanted economic conditions to improve; by 1950, the common men had been brought out of the depression and had a lot of buying power. Now that they personally did not need more improvement, they forgot the past, and went against the `New' Dealism that they associated with Communism.
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About The Depression high-school
topic: US History
The definition of depression is a condition in economic life in which a great many people have no work, machines stand idle, and the standard level of economic activity is low. During the depression, the high management of companies lost money along with everyone else, but during the recession, in order to maintain profits, the high management cut the workers' jobs.
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Paper: Slaughterhouse 5 high-school
topic: A.P. English
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. is not complementary to any of the characters in Slaughterhouse-Five; the attitudes entertained by the characters except Billy can be considered to be the ideas that Vonnegut does not like. Most of the women in Slaughterhouse-Five are stupid, materialistic, and treated as sex objects by most of the characters.
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Hamlet: Ultraviolence and Beethoven high-school
topic: A.P. English
"In great literature, no scene of violence exists for its own sake." This claim is validated in Shakespeare's Hamlet by the brutal display in which nearly all the main characters are sent to "the undiscovered country."
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The basis of Satanism high-school
topic: Literature I distrubted as a joke in High-School
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Paper: Titan Was Tripped: The Merchant of Venice high-school
topic: A.P. English
If The Merchant of Venice was intended to be a comedy, then the characters' actions are very distressing. Shylock's persecution was intended to be humorous, however it is never amusing to have someone be taunted and molested out of hatred. A superior piece of literature should have an equal balance of both distress and satisfaction, but this play presents a harsh reminder of how some people are hypocritical bigots with little or no integrity.
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Paper: Contrasting Yeats' and Roche's translation of Oedipus high-school
topic: A.P. English
Both William Butler Yeats and Paul Roche have translated Oedipus Rex to English. Because they both came from the same original text, one would assume they would be the same also. The two translations show many differences. One such difference is that Roche's translation portrays a more powerful Oedipus.
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Interview with my Grandmother high-school
topic: Assignment for English Class
Beatrice Smith celebrates her 72nd birthday this month. She lives in Verona, Wisconsin with her husband of 45 years. She writes children's books and is a mother and grandmother (mine). She has been an elementary school teacher and continues to tutor people of all ages and several nationalities in English literacy.
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untitled poem about high-school high-school
topic: a description of a day in high-school
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HighSchoolRant(tm) -- Accelerated Science high-school
topic: Letter to High-School Superintendent
Accelerated Science, a course recommended by the freshman counselors as a good preparatory class for students who plan to study more advanced sciences, was a complete waste of time.
The material was not only not advanced enough for a ninth grade course designated for above average students but was also redundant. In addition, there was no laboratory technique taught preparing students for more advanced laboratory courses.
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HighSchoolRant(tm) -- National Honor Society II high-school
topic: Letter to NHS Selection Commitee
As you will have noticed by reading his qualification form, much of Zak's leadership and service contributions exist in the global computer communications culture outside of the community of Arrowhead High School.
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HighSchoolRant(tm) -- National Honor Society I high-school
topic: Letter to NHS Selection Commitee
Zak has certainly shown responsibility, integrity, self motivation and academic leadership equal to what we see in many professionals beyond the high school setting. He is willing to discuss with anyone anything from philosophy or literature, to math, chemistry, physics or his favorite, computer programming, Those with whom he shares ideas include fellow students in the high school setting and the college setting and more importantly people in the world of adults.
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How to make a school that doesn't suck high-school
topic: Reflections on an "ideal" school
I like classes in which I am interested in the subject, and I learn things that interest me at the time. If the objective is for students to learn, they must be interested. The question is how to get them interested.
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Paper: Laws in Cyberspace high-school
topic: Enlgish
Conventional laws sometimes do not stay aligned with their original intent when they are applied to computer communications systems and networks. The basis of these laws has been built up over many years prior to the advent of computers and computer information systems, which have evolved in less than a generation. Computers and information systems bring with them new concepts and situations which existing laws do not always cover. This new environment has been termed "cyberspace," and refers to the all computer messaging and information services globally.
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Zak Launches Technology: Film at 11 high-school
topic: Summer Institute for Creative Engineering and Inventiveness application
In the past, the elite controlled information, leaving the rest of the populace at a disadvantage with limited knowledge. Communicating with computers removes the barriers that are a result of prejudgment of another's physical self, race, sex, or ethnic origin.

Advances in technologies of computer connectivity allow all people access to vast quantities of information. I can contribute, now and in the future, by advancing these technologies. I believe that information empowers. It allows people a wider view of the world.

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1992 -- A Brave New World? high-school
Try to imagine yourself in an unnatural world where most people are produced in factories, where there is no freedom or morality as you know it, and you are considered a savage because of your human origin.
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Self-Esteem high-school
topic: Some random reflections
I believe that I have good self-esteem because I can be an individual and not rely on others to dictate what I do, wear, or think. I use my own opinions, not anyone else's, and I make decisions based on what I want, not what others want me to do. I can be mentally self-reliant.
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HighSchoolRant(tm) -- Accelerated English high-school
topic: Letter to High-School Superintendent
If the objective is to raise the average test scores, by using the top students in each class to teach the rest, there is the risk of not challenging the top students. This may result in an overall rise in test scores, but it will be at the expense of boring the students who have been in the accelerated track.
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Essay on Transcendentalism: Then and Now high-school
topic: American Literature
Some aspects of transcendentalism can be applied in today's society, while some others cannot because of social and economic conditions different from the time of Thoreau.
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Essay on Puritans high-school
topic: American Literature
The beliefs in God and man, and the view of literature have changed much from the Colonial Period to the present day. I will contrast these values from the Age of Faith, the Revolutionary War Period, and the current day.
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Experience: Friend or Foe? high-school
topic: English
Experience is the usual conscious perception or apprehension of reality or of an external, bodily, or psychic event. It is commonly acquired direct participation in events, or it can be knowledge or skill derived from such. Experience is also the conscious events that make up an individual life, the past of a community, nation, or humankind in general.
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Soul of a New Machine high-school
topic: English
The Soul of a `New' Machine, by Tracy Kidder, describes the saga of the designing and building of a minicomputer. This story describes the computer laboratory of a company whose engineers sometimes come to work hours early just to be there first, while others burn out and go home in the middle of the day. This company has risen from nothing to the ranks of the Fortune 500 in ten short years. This great book describes a segment of the history of the Data General Corporation.
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Herman the German high-school
topic: English
This paper describes the life and achievements of Gerhard Neuman. Gerhard started working as a mechanic's apprentice in a small garage in Germany. He is now in charge of jet engines at General Electric.
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How to make a peanut-butter sandwich high-school
It is relatively easy to make a peanut butter sandwich if you just follow these simple directions. All you need is peanut butter, two pieces of bread, and a knife.
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Short Story about Woodland Morals high-school
topic: English
A shot rang through the brisk morning air. It came from John's .300 magnum automatic. Then, some shuffling leaves, some twigs cracking, and finally a thud and a bubbly wheezing followed by absolute stillness.
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Documentation about my i8039 microcomputer project high-school
topic: Summary of Report for Marquette Science Fair
This is a small microcomputer whose basic components are a microprocessor chip and an EPROM (Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory) chip. The EPROM chip contains a data value at each address. The processor chip runs through these address in order and executes the instruction at each. By putting different data sets, or programs, in the EPROM chip, the computer can be made to do different things.
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Some random observations and random writings high-school
topic: English
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To Kill a Mockingbird high-school
topic: English
To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, is a splendid book which tells of a stage in a young girl's life, while, at the same time analyzing the extent of racial bias in a small town.
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Why poor poeple don't totally suck high-school
topic: English
Some people think that people who don't want to be poor don't have to be. Well, I think that people who say that are wrong. Some people have grown up in a hostile environment and don't know any way to not become a poor person. Also, some people have disabilities that keep then from earning money. When someone can't work because of a disability, there is nothing they, by themselves, can really do about that.
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Mr. Gunderson, Super Science Teacher high-school
topic: A teacher who made an impression
As the years pass, it is not uncommon for teachers to fade away in a student's memory. I have had many teachers during my 11 years in school; one of them stands out in my memory more than any other. My seventh grade science teacher, called crazy by some, showed a high level of interest and enthusiasm.
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The Battle high-school
topic: English
The samurai warriors where fighting against the evil Emperor. The Emperor's army was huge, but badly trained. The samurai were outnumbered fifty to one. After two hours of fighting the samurai had killed many, but were making no progress. The majority had decided to retreat, even though samurai were supposed to fight to the death. Myself and my companion, Musashi, had decided to hold off the opposing army while ours retreated and regrouped.
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Report on the madision artist Larry Elliot high-school
topic: Art Class
Larry Elliott was born on December 12, 1948 and is still living. He is a native of Madison. He has lived here most of his life. His father was an aluminum siding salesman. Larry is glad his father wasn't a famous artist because then he would have to live up to his father's reputation.
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Two Years Before the Mast high-school
topic: English
I was introduced to the book Two Years Before the Mast by my father, who had gotten the book from his mother. This book was originally written and published in 1840, but it was reprinted in 1959. This book was written by Richard H. Dane, Jr. The book is about the adventures of someone in first person form. The story is a narrative about life on a sailing ship in the 1800's.
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Interview with The Terminal Man high-school
topic: English
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Farmer with Pitchfork and Wife: dialogue II high-school
topic: English
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Farmer with Pitchfork and Wife: dialogue I high-school
topic: English
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Stale high-school
topic: English
Here I am sitting listening to the screaming children and the distinct clicking sound of the buttons on the cash register being pushed. All of a sudden I hear the double doors being smashed. I hear a lady scream. A putrid stench comes lingering into McD's.
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