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untitled poem -- 1991/1992


to school,


out of focus,

some chirpy, cheery, screech "good morning."
Others vapid, pooring [sic] homework the night just past.

To the locker, see the same faces each day.
The faces, just the same each day.
Bustling commotion.

Bell rings,
scurry off to class, animals scrambling from man through the forest.

Will this be English class, or thought on another plane -- ephemeral?
Will theme provoke thought (about English, of course), or fall

Bell rings,
chaos reigns,
in the halls, as if a chariot race from Ben Hur,
shoulder hits shoulders, books spill,
the crowd cheers.

Walk up to north,


arrays of transient thoughts, through my mind,
time is {all, null}. (proper set notation, of course)
Theory, future, past,

present -- chemestry? what?!
Formulas, equations, labs...

Back to south, arriving,
all students incarcerated in tombs minutes before.
Freedom and tranquility in the empty halls.

In the halls of study, freedom and liberty taken --
"Just be quiet and mind yourself, and FACE FORWARD, or you will be here longer,
Bah hah hah hah."

see the faces, with bodies (even), awake, hungry animals,
some seeking acceptance in "the clique",
tyros making fun of sanitary engineers, each just playing their parts,
kids cramming for tests, impending doom,
students doing homework due this afternoon.
Finally (for some), time to talk with friends.

Bell rings.
The cattle drive beings!
Yee Haw!
But who cracks the whip? (no one knows)
The prod threatens the lingerers.

The gates close.
C'est une eternite.
Coagulation occurs.
Every hour becomes {all, null}.

Aliens come down and mutilate corpses for genetic experiments

Freedom at last!

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