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Some observations


Recently, while I was outside, I saw some ants. They worked a fast pace doing whatever ants do. The would go find some food or a small leaf and carry it back to their anthill. They didn't seem to care that their home could become inaccessible by the hole being plugged. They didn't seem to care that little boys enjoy stomping on them either! I'm sure that if ants had minds like ours, there would be many ants with psychological problems. I doubt we could handle it if we were so small and helpless. Of course, ants are practically mass-produced in those colonies, so what's one less ant? We value life, and it looks to me as if the ants' struggle symbolizes the struggle all life goes through, either an ant trying to dodge a size 6 shoe, or some revolutionaries fighting for their freedom.

Making a peanut butter sandwich can be a fun experience for the whole family. I will explain how to make one, it is very easy.

First, you must gather the supplies. You will need a knife, two pieces of bread, and peanut butter. Next, put the two pieces of bread next to each other, this will makes sure you won't loose one of them. Take the cap of the peanut butter jar, and pull out a glob of peanut butter using the knife. Next, spread it on the piece of bread. If there isn't enough peanut butter in that one glob to full cover one side of the bread, get a another glob and spread it on also. Next wipe the sides of the knife off on the inside rim of the peanut butter jar, this will keep the mess to a minimum. When there is enough peanut butter on the one piece of bread, put the second piece of bread on top of the first. Next you can cut the sandwich in half if you so desire.

Making a peanut butter sandwich can be fun for the whole family, anytime.

I hope I don't have much homework for the next few days. I have to catch up on my sleep. It is hard to get enough sleep when you have a lot of homework and a game or practice. After soccer is over, though, I will have a lot more time to do more homework and sleep, but my guess is that I will probably spend the same amount of time doing homework, and the extra time I will spend either sleeping or doing something else I enjoy.

I wonder why we can't find a good enough system of government and social values that works. I think that our current system with its stress on materialism and personal success and greed is creating to many corrupt people who are in high places. If people didn't put such a high value on things, and instead put more value on personal ethics and values, our society would be much better off. As the transcendentalists said, however, to change society, you must first change the individuals. This is probably not going to happen because people think that one person isn't going to make a difference. If everyone thought that one person could make a difference, all the individuals would change, and therefor society. Although our current system has a few good points to its favor, there are many improvements that could be performed.

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