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The Terminal Man by Michael Crichton

Zak Smith: I understand you had some disease, could you tell our viewing audience what it is?

Harry Benson: Yes, I had Psychomotor Epilepsy which made me prone to epileptic seizures that knocked me out and be out for a few hours.

Zak: Tell us a little about what they did to you at the hospital.

Harry: Well a group of neurosurgons; Dr. Ross, Dr. Elis, Dr. McPherson, and Dr. Morris implanted microscopic electrodes in my brain. In my shoulder there are two microprocessors and a small atomic powers pack in my shoulder.

Zak: What is the purpose of this contraption?

Harry: Well when I start to have a seizure it gives my brain a minute shock to the programmed electrode. The shock counteracts the seizure.

Zak: Now could you tell us if any problems developed?

Harry: Well a problem did develop. It was that the sensation electrode that stopped the seizure was a pleasurable and my brain started to make "fake" seizures to get the sensation. I escaped from the hospital because I couldn't think clear at all. The sensations got closer together in their intervals.

Zak: What finally happens to stop the sensations?

Harry: Well I got uncontrollably violent when the doctors and police tried to stop me. Dr. Ross was trying to keep me away aand I unfortunately got shot and killed.

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