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topic: Pueblo Motorsports Park, Aug 22, 1999
I low-sided my 1989 Honda CB-1 on an approx 150 degree right-hand turn at Pueblo Motorsports Park. I estimate I was going between 40 and 50 mph at the time. This document is a summary of how my safety equipment performed during the crash, protecting me from all unjury.
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Here's a report of how my safety gear held up during a recent crash.


I low-sided my 1989 Honda CB-1 on an approx 150 degree right-hand turn at Pueblo Motorsports Park. I estimate I was going between 40 and 50 mph at the time.

I lost traction at the apex of my turn, just past the half-way point of the curve. I'm not sure which end lost it first, because it didn't feel the same as when the back end stepped out before. One second I was leaned over, and the next I was sliding on the pavement. Once down, I slid on my right leg/knee and right arm/hand until I rolled over once or twice. I slid basically the whole width of the track. I continued sliding for probably 10' on the grass/dirt. About halfway through, my instinct was to stand up, but I was still sliding!!

The bike ended up sliding backwards off the track. Damage to the bike was mainly just smashed RHS blinkers and an obliterated brake lever/master cyl assembly (it was pretty well ground down). The pipe was ground down some too. Once I came to rest in the dirt, I managed to resist jumping up to get the bike.. I waited a few seconds to take physical inventory.. no pains.. lots of adrenaline.. I seem to be OK. Further study reveals I am OK.

Equipment Performance

Here's the gear I was wearing and what happened to it:

Arai Quantum/e

no marks, seems my head didn't hit anything.

Dainese back protector

("turtle"). no marks, but probably saved me lots of pain as the back of my 'Stich was full of dirt and grass stains.

BMW Gore-tex boots

the outside of the right boot was evidently ground on the pavement for some time, as the leather is noticeably thinner in several spots. The toe-rubber was ground some, 1-3mm. The left boot has was less affected in the same areas. Both outer ankle armor points were significantly scuffed.

Aerostich 1-piece

Stock, plus hip-pads, minus shoulder pads. The suit held up well.

I landed on my right side, and the right knee is abraided through with about a Quarter-sized hole, there is slightly smaller point where the cordura melted a little. The stiching on the shin is frayed, and the seam by the zipper is frayed.

The left knee is similarly abraided, but not through the material.

The hip and butt all have evidence of abraison and impact. There are a few spot-holes, and some of the stiching on the butt is gone from sliding on the pavement. There are no "through" holes in the hip or butt area.

The right fore-arm has some frayed stiching near the pocket. I was sliding on this.

The rest of the suit has patchy dirt, pavement, and grass stains on it.

I am convinced the hip, knee, and elbow/forearm armor did their job, and none of the apparent contact points ache.

Held 273 gloves

These gloves are about 2 years old. I landed on the right hand, mainly the heel and palm. There are no holes in the leather in this area. The fingertips have some abrasion. The metal sliders apparently worked, as there are scratches all over them, and the stiching of that padded panel is loosened for 1cm.

The gauntlet on the RH glove has some holes in it, probably from sliding on my forearms.

I'm satisfied with their performance.


I want to thank all the people who helped me out: Terry, Hunt, Dave, Greg, and the guy who gave me a ride back to the pits, sorry, I never got your name.

As for the track day, it only took me about a lap or so to get up to speed, and I was improving before my crash.

I got the bike cleaned up some tonight. It runs fine, though it's still blowing dirt out of the pipe!

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