Long-range rifle training.
1000 yards and beyond.
Real field shooting:
real applications
military, sporting, hunting.
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Stage 1. Rifle.

This stage was 18 rifle targets, with 15 of them in a dark shoothouse. It was quite dark inside, so it took 3-4 seconds for eyes to adjust so targets were visible. There was a fast strobe light operating in the house to disorient you. Start position was with your rifle on a table outside of the house, in your hands is a door battering ram. Upon signal, knock popper PP1 over with ram "entry device" pick up your rifle and enter the shoothouse.

The house was pretty dark. My rifle was set up with a TA11 ACOG. The tritium would not have had enough contrast through the reticle with the strobes and eyes still adjusting. I used 100mph tape to mount my surefire E2E on top of the TA11 so the target area was illuminated and the fiber optic system on the TA11 was lit. This produced an extremely bright reticle relative to the background light level. The flashlight made it much easier to discriminate shoot/noshoot boundaries.

My plan for this stage was well-rehearsed, but it went downhill fast 15 rounds into the shoothouse when an ejected case bounced off a barrel about 2-4" away and re-entered the chamber, causing a FTF on the next round. I burned some time clearing this in the dark.

The sighting system worked very well with the ACOG-mounted light. The only big change I'd make for the same situation again would be to cover the objective lens of the ACOG and just use the OEG effect (at 1x).



Stage 2. Shotgun.

Navigate the maze and shoot the 20 slug targets once each. This stage had two flip-up target activated by pulling a "grenade" and a target/noshoot/target combination slider which moved right-left and left-right once across the back end of the range activated by a platform you step on. It moved at about 10 fps. Aiming at the leading edge of the target was the trick on those.