Long-range rifle training.
1000 yards and beyond.
Real field shooting:
real applications
military, sporting, hunting.
Now booking classes in NM and OR!
Stage 3. Shotgun.

This shotgun stage had 25 targets: clays, swingers, racks, and plates. From the start position, I shot the 8 close plates, then reloaded and shot the 6x plate-rack while moving "inside". A couple more targets and that side was finished. The right-hand side had a popper activating a swinger and a Texas Star. Load fast!



Stage 4. Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol.

We shot this stage Saturday morning 7AM, in slow rain. By the time I was up, it was pretty much done raining.

Your pistol is staged downrange in the "helicopter." Your shotgun and rifle are staged on a table on the RHS of the range. You start on the left-hand side of the range with a knife. Upon the buzzer, you run through a short tunnel, stab T1 with the knife (1 A-zone or 2 B-D :D ), pick up your rifle ammo, and run to the barrier/table. Pick up your rifle and engage 20-50 yard targets T2-T11 with your rifle. Ground your rifle, pick up shotgun and engage 9 targets on the way to the helicopter. Ground shotgun, grab pistol, and engage pistol I think it was 8 pistol targets.

No pictures of this stage, sorry!


Stage 5. Pistol, Rifle.

This was the first of two long-range rifle stages. In this one, you started holding a lunch tray and fork. On buzzer, drop them into a can, engage 4 close-in hoser pistol targets, and move into the "APC". There, engage 5 long-range rifle targets (1 @ 135, 4 @ about 240 yards). Exit the APC, move up the canyon engaging a bunch of close rifle targets, then at the bunker, re-engage the tar 5 rifle targets. This was a fun stage. The longer rifle targets were a nice challenge. On those 10 targets, I only fired like 3 extra shots.

This stage ended up being canceled because it was hopelessly behind schedule by Saturday night. There were 130-some people who still had to shoot it Sunday.