Long-range rifle training.
1000 yards and beyond.
Real field shooting:
real applications
military, sporting, hunting.
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Stage 7. Pistol, Shotgun.

Start seated and "locked" in a "ore cart". Upon buzzer, grab pistol and engage four IPSC targets, then you could shoot two poppers and a Texas Star with either weapon. Finally, as you move the ore cart back with your feet, engage the rest of the about 12 targets through the ports in the tunnel with your shotgun, still seated.






I don't think the results summary has been posted yet. I came in 72nd out of about 170 in the Tactical class.

General Comments

The drive to Mesa from Fort Collins CO was high speed but still long at about 14 hours. After running the prize table at 7pm after getting up to shoot at 6AM, driving straight through back to Colorado is hard. I stopped twice for short naps.

I didn't realize until Phoenix that Mesa's at about 1500' elevation. I'm used to dry cold weather at 5-7000'. Humidity and heat were a surprise. Remember to wipe down your worn blued guns before putting them away.

The TA11 ACOG was just about perfect for the long-range targets in this match, and it worked well in the shoothouse too. The only stage I used my JP short-range "hoser" sight was #5.

Keep a rail-mounted light in your 3Gun bag. It might come in handy in a dark stage.

Don't shoot with your ejection port right next to a barrel or wall.