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topic: ECE350 (Human Communication for EEs)
During the Fall semester of 1996, the RRisc team designed, debugged, and built a "non--trivial computer with an original instruction set," as specified in the project requirements for ECE554 at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.
After specification and design, the computer was implemented in hardware using Xilinx XC4000 series FPGAs, with support circuitry on the WICEPS board supplied for the course.
The main feature of our computer was that it was super--scalar; it could execute up to 3 instructions simultaneously.
The project was a success: once in hardware and debugged, the system ran at 4.09 MHz, a period of 209ns.
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\title{\pname Architecture Report
%	\thanks{We would like to thank the TAs  Gebre Gessesse and                
%	Zhenyu (Jerry) Liu and Professor Kime for their help during
%	the course of the semester.}
%	\thanks{This is the condensed version of the report and
%	as such does not contain the schematics or figures.  }
\author{Zak Smith
	\and Jeffry Lucman \and Jeremy Petsinger \and John Liu \and Mostafa Arifin}




\chapter{Executive Summary}


\chapter{Design Spec}

\chapter{Implementation Details}

\chapter{Results \& Conclusions}



\chapter{Instruction Set}

\chapter{Individual Contributions}


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