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The Leupold Mark 4 line is a good value that gets the job done, but lacks some features of the higher-end scopes. Shown here is a 4.5-14x50mm M1.
There are five scope brands that are particularly common at long-range training and competitions: Leupold, Nightforce, US Optics, Schmidt & Bender, and Premier Reticles. There are cheaper choices, but I recommend the Leupold Mark 4 line as the baseline choice because it provides the basic features required, is proven by years of duty use, is unlikely to break, and is backed by an excellent warranty.

Leupold's Mark 4 line of long-range scopes includes four variable-magnification models: 3.5-10x40 mm, 4.5-14x50 mm, 6.5-20x50 mm, and 8.5-25x50 mm. They have between 65 and 75 MOA total elevation adjustment which is enough to get .308 to 1000 yards if an inclined base is used. All are available with the M1 knob, which has fourth-MOA clicks in 15-MOA per turn and has no zero stop. The 3.5-10x40 mm models are also available with the M2 and M3 elevation knob, which has one-half or one-MOA clicks. The single-turn M3 knob also has a zero-stop. Leupold only offers mil-based clicks in the 4.5-14x50mm "metric", which has six mils per turn of the M1 knob in 0.1 mil clicks. This scope is the only option for matching click units to reticle units since they have no MOA-based reticles. First focal-plane (FFP) reticles are only available on the 3.5-10x40 mm and the 8.5-25x50 mm.

The 3.5-10x40 mm Leupold Mark 4 M3 scope has a one-turn dial with one MOA clicks.

Without an inclined scope base like this one, the Leupold 3.5-10x40mm M1 is limited to 850-900 yards shooting standard M118LR 7.62x51 ammunition.