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This Premier Reticles Heritage 3-15x50 mm is configured with the double-turn elevation knob with 0.1-mil clicks.
Premier Reticles burst on the high-end scope scene in 2008 with their Heritage line of scopes. Premier was formed in 1946 by Robert "Bob" S. Thomas, a Navy master lens maker. For many years, Premier was known as the shop that could make custom reticles and install them in customers' Leupold scopes. In 2005, Premier Reticles was awarded the contract to build by new United States Marine Corps' new Scout Sniper Day Scope; they did this by partnering with Schmidt & Bender for parts of that scope design. By 2008, Premier had stepped out on its own to design a scope to best the S&B design. The results so far have been excellent. Premier Reticles first introduced the Heritage 3-15x50 mm. Its basic features are similar to the S&B PMII: a big many-click elevation knob with zero stop, many-click windage knob, mil-rad adjustments. The Heritage has More Tactile Clicks (MTC) every full mil in order to ease operation in the dark. The scope has built-in reticle illumination with brightness control doubled-up on the parallax knob. The Heritage is available with several different elevation knob configurations: single-turn 22 mil, double-turn 27 mil, single-turn 15 mil, and double-turn with 1/4 MOA clicks. Each of these knobs are available with or without the MTC feature. The clicks on the original 22 mil single-turn knob are extremely close together. The 15 mil single-turn and 27 mil double-turn knobs are easy to use because the clicks are more coarse and it's easier to read the elevation setting from the markings. A 5-25x56 mm version of the Heritage was just introduced; it will fit the bill if more than 15x is needed. Build quality on the Premier Heritage scopes is excellent. The 3-25x50 mm is compact and it offers an additional 3x over the S&B 3-12x50 mm PMII in approximately the same form factor.

The new Premier Reticles Heritage 3-15x50 mm scope burst on the scene in 2008 and offers some innovative features such as the tool-less cam-lock knob adjustments.