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Real field shooting:
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After iterating through at least ten of these rifle scopes to figure out what worked best for me, I ended up with three S&B PMIIs and one Premier Heritage. On my .260 Remington and .308 Accuracy International AW rifles, I run the 3-12x50 mm PMII; 12x is sufficient for those calibers' effective ranges and the PMII is relatively lightweight and compact. I have the 3-15x50 mm Premier Reticles Heritage on a 7 mm Remington Magnum AI-AWM; its extra 3x magnification can be helpful shooting beyond 1000 yards. Finally, I moved the S&B 5-25x56 mm PMII to the big .50 BMG. I think this size scope adds too much bulk and weight to a rifle set up for practical field use, but it's a natural fit on the .50 caliber rifle.

Practical long-range rifle shooting wrings out the rifle to its effective distance and the shooter's ability to make first-round hits in the field. Rifle optics are key to making it happen. While a top-end scope will be a joy to shoot and will be a more effective tool than one you have to compromise on, remember that making hits is about skill and practice, not gimmicks and gear.

A S&B 3-12x50mm PMII on an AI-AW chambered in .260 Remington is an ideal setup for practical long-range rifle shooting.